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Aquafortus reduces the polluting of freshwater resources by treating wastewaters from industrial processes. Aquafortus targets industries that produce massive volumes of high-salinity wastewaters each year, this includes oil and gas, mining, chemical manufacturing, and power generation.  

By treating and cleaning these wastewaters, the water will no longer contaminate and pollute our environment.  Industries can also reuse this treated water for their own processes, rather than taking from our scarce freshwater resources.  

Aquafortus is currently the only technology available globally that can recover 98% of the water and treat hypersaline wastewater cost-effectively. The Aquafortus ABX technology utilizes a liquid-to-liquid solvent exchange process that promotes full crystallization of dissolved salts, therefore, cleaning the water and saving the environment.


Dylan Chen
Business Development Representative
Phone: +64 27 266 2298