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Cirrus Materials Science is an advanced materials engineering spin-out of Auckland UniServices that designs next-gen surface technologies to meet the sustainability and performance challenges of Fortune 1000 customers in major global industries.

Coatings are everywhere. Surface finishing is the last step in manufacturing; it can be energy intensive and often produces the majority of emissions and chemical pollutants. Some industries have responded to tough carbon emission and pollution controls by exporting their dirty processes to less regulated economies. For global sustainability leaders, investing in process innovation and sustainable chemistry is also an opportunity to reduce inequality.

Cirrus works with customers who are pushing boundaries in electronics, space, fusion, light­-weighting, and durability and are looking to new materials and coating technologies to achieve their goals. For Cirrus and our customers, this includes deployment of energy efficient processes, reduction in materials consumption, lowering GHG and VOC process emissions, and improving the performance and functionality of light-weight materials.

As a technology-led venture, Cirrus has a small, green footprint and exports weightless, environmentally friendly technology to industry leaders around the world.

Joshua Venter
T: +64 21 0818 8588

Our Technology 

We are a small team of experts focused on nanocomposite materials and nanostructured surface design operating from a dedicated HSNO laboratory in Auckland with characterization and testing facilities that offer state of the art outcomes to our international customers. Cirrus also collaborates with Australasian universities and research institutes to engage with the latest materials science and technologies.

Emissions Reduction: reduce GHG and VOC emissions with Cirrus Paint-Free Colour™ 

  • Cirrus Paint-free Colour is a breakthrough sustainable finish for light metal surfaces such as aluminium that directly generates colour using the same nano-structuring principles found in nature.
  • We imitated the nanostructures that colour the wing of a butterfly to develop a coating that helps eliminate up to 60% of the energy consumption and 95% of the VOC emissions from typical automotive manufacture.
  • The result is a full-stack sustainable coating innovation that is as durable and beautiful as paint - just 90% thinner.

Energy: Cirrus Dopant™ for advanced nanocomposite surfaces 

Cirrus Dopant™ is a major innovation in surface finishing that can reduce process energy, enhance coating performance, and make workers safer by eliminating toxic chemicals. 

Cirrus Dopant™ offers industry a path to scalable nano-composite alloy coatings that deliver increased performance from lightweight, sustainable materials.