Dr Paul Geraghty
Dr Paul Geraghty
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CEO - Liquium

Dr Paul Geraghty is the CEO of Liquium. Liquium’s technology is a new catalyst and production process that will significantly impact the cost and green premium of ammonia, a key future zero carbon fuel.

Prior to working at Liquium, Paul worked alongside its academic founders in his role as Senior Commercialisation Manager in the technology transfer office of Wellington UniVentures, Victoria University of Wellington. Paul helped to secure pre-seed funding to translate an ammonia research project into a successful investment opportunity, where Liquium formally spun out in May 2022.

Paul’s background is in science. He has B.Sc and M.Sc (Hons) degrees in Chemistry from the University of Canterbury and a Ph.D from the University of Melbourne, the focus of which was developing new materials for organic photovoltaic devices as a cheaper alternative to existing commercial solar panels.