Hot Lime Labs
Hot Lime Labs

Hot Lime Labs puts the green back in greenhouses. Our technology extracts CO2 from crop and wood waste, boosting yield by up to 25% and allowing high tech greenhouses to transition away from fossil fuels for their energy needs.

Using world-leading CO2 capture technology, Hot Lime Labs produces clean and sustainable CO2 from crop and wood waste. We use patented limestone pellets combined with novel engineering to produce clean CO2, a key plant nutrient used in high-tech hydroponic greenhouses, boosting yield by up to 25%. This allows growers to reduce their carbon footprint while being more cost-effective, providing a green alternative to the traditional fossil-based sources of CO2 (natural gas and liquid CO2)

Our vision is to help transition 50% of the global greenhouse industry to renewable energy in the next 30 years, reducing fossil CO2 emissions through enabling greenhouses access to low cost CO2 extracted from renewable waste biomass. 

We are currently building our first commercial scale system that will be delivered to our first customer, Gourmet Mokai Limited, in early 2023.

Hot Lime Labs was founded in 2017 using technology originally developed at Callaghan Innovation. Dr Vlatko Materic, founder and CEO of Hot Lime Labs, had been researching and working on CO2 capture systems for large scale thermal power plants for over a decade at the former government research institute, Industrial Research Limited – now Callaghan Innovation. It was during this time he developed the Hot Lime capture technology.

The technology showed great promise for this application, however, the economic drivers did not exist for power plant operators to justify the additional costs of installing and operating CO2 capture system using the technology. Fast forward 10 years and Vlatko discovered the vast unmet demand for clean CO2 in the greenhouse industry and quickly found that both technology and commercial drivers were well aligned.


Tijs Robinson
CEO, Hot Lime Labs