John Campbell
John Campbell
New Zealand flag
CEO / Founder – Our Energy

John Campbell leads Our Energy, creator and designer of an online local energy market platform. Our Energy's software and service matches small-scale generators of clean energy with customers in their local communities in real time, providing an easy way to buy, sell and gift clean, local energy.

Our Energy stands for a better, fairer, cleaner and more local energy future and his team are passionate about creating a world where community-driven energy is affordable, reliable and sustainable for all. John is a committed advocate for more open, flexible and equal access electricity markets as a key part of New Zealand's transition to a low emissions economy. 

In 2015, a summertime run, a roadside box of butternut pumpkins, and a lifestyle block kitted out with solar panels and a small wind turbine led John to ask: if a farmer's pumpkins can be sold to the local community, why can't energy?