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Liquium is re-imagining how we produce ammonia and targeting a cleaner, cheaper, and scalable production process to enable ammonia as the next clean liquid fuel for heavy industry. 


Liquium’s technology is a new family of catalyst that have demonstrated the production of ammonia under ambient conditions. These catalysts are elegantly simple, low cost, abundant, and align to existing industrial ammonia plant operation making them ideal candidates to scale for a new larger market opportunity. 


The decarbonization effort and international maritime standards are driving the uptake of green ammonia, where the maritime sector has identified ammonia as one of the leading fuels to support international shipping and trade due to its high energy density per unit volume. The anticipated demand for green ammonia for shipping alone could be the equivalent of today’s entire global production and this doesn’t include the markets for heat, electricity generation, energy trading or today’s current food production market via fertilizer. But these facilities cost billions of dollars to construct, thus the risk profile and commercial return must be absolute. The opportunity for new ammonia production is how the risk and commercial profile of an ammonia plant is impacted and that is where Liquium’s value proposition lies.   

Value Proposition

The value of Liquium’s catalyst materials and production process allows a new way of thinking for how we currently produce ammonia. The mild reaction conditions significantly impact both the capital and operating costs. The milder reaction pressures directly impact the engineering requirements for the pressure vessels for the overall system and the operating costs can be improved by reducing the amount of recycling and purification steps whilst also allowing for smaller workforce to operate a site for a small scale. This could contribute a saving of more than 50% compared to traditional (brown) Haber-Bosch ammonia plants and the energy and cost savings are expected to be even more when considering green ammonia production facilities. 

Secondly, ammonia plants are only economically feasible at large scales due to the significant investment and operating costs, thus making a very high market barrier for new technology. This present Liquium with a unique opportunity to align a scaling development path alongside the market opportunity, where Liquium can initially target small scale operations that align with renewable energy sites and local community need, then scale to address the major clean fuel market. This allows Liquium’s technology to appropriately mitigate any technical and commercial risks early and provide evidence of delivery for subsequent larger contracts. 

Investment Ask

Liquium has just secured seed investment as of July 2022 to further characterize our materials and complete the feasibility for a pilot plant. 
Liquium are inviting engagement from investors and industry stakeholders with experience in the energy, chemicals, and maritime sector as we prepare for our next investment fundraise anticipated for 2023/2024. 


Paul Geraghty – CEO