Wellington Electric Boat Building Co (WEBBCo)
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A brief backgrounder:

I have been a boatbuilder my whole life, mostly building catamarans and mostly for use as passenger ferries. I built a 16m ferry some 17 years ago for Jeremy Ward of East by West Ferries in Wellington and three years ago, while I was working in Wellington, Jeremy and I started talking about building an electric boat here in Lower Hutt.

We brought in some experts, realised the technology was available, WEBBCo was formed and we started the build. Integrating all the technology together, while meeting safety and survey requirements, proved to be very challenging and intense but the project has been extremely successful with more speed and endurance than anyone expected.

We are now fielding increasing enquiries for boats from all over the world.
WEBBCo is open to investment or licence-to-build enquiries.

Fraser Foote
Managing Director, WEBBCo
Phone: +64 27 493 3969
Email: admin@electricboatbuilders.co.nz