Case Studies

Case Studies

Profiles of innovators and entrepreneurs from the United States and Aotearoa | New Zealand involved in developing blue and green technology with positive economic, environmental and social outcomes.  

Elemental Excelerator is a leading non-profit investor focused on scaling climate solutions and social impact for all communities.

Critical. turn un-recyclable plastic waste into beautiful, durable and endlessly recyclable building materials as the eco disruptor to the global panels market.

Aquafortus reduces the polluting of freshwater resources by treating wastewaters from industrial processes.

CarbonCrop uses remote sensing, machine learning and automation to help landholders of all sizes get paid for restoring permanent biodiverse forest on their land.

Hot Lime Labs puts the green back in greenhouses. Our technology extracts CO2 from crop and wood waste, boosting yield by up to 25% and allowing high tech greenhouses to transition away from fossil fuels.

Our Energy is an energy and climate tech company on a mission to create a world where community-led energy is affordable, reliable and sustainable for all.

EV Maritime is a clean-tech marine technology business dedicated to decarbonising the harbour cities of the world through electric, and other zero emission, fast ferries and their supporting infrastructure.

Zincovery has unlocked a solution for sustainable zinc recycling from industrial wastes, with much lower emissions and production costs. 

Liquium is re-imagining how we produce ammonia and targeting a cleaner, cheaper, and scalable production process to enable ammonia as the next clean liquid fuel for heavy industry. 

Wisk is a leading Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) company and developer of the first all-electric, self-flying air taxi in the U.S.

As New Zealand’s Future Energy Centre, Ara Ake meets decarbonisation challenges head on and helps find commercial solutions to them.

Vertus Energy is an industrial biotechnology company converting waste into fuel.

ZeroJet is the first jet propulsion system to be designed specifically for an electric motor, delivering the perfect balance of performance and runtime.

Neocrete is a Kiwi-owned, deep-tech start-up focused on making carbon-negative concrete by 2030.

Builders of fully-electric high performance passenger ferries. Global leaders in zero emission marine transportation solutions. 

The future is liquid Hydrogen. Fabrum’s mission critical solutions with hydrogen will power the future and lower our footprint enabling others to do the same.

EnergyBank have created a patented mechanical battery technology for long-duration utility scale renewable energy storage.

Emrod have developed long-range wireless power transmission, opening the world's access to power and creating a world where energy transmission is not constrained by wires.


Vortex’s innovative technology creates a vortex that turns wasted heat into electricity.

Enpot’s technology is revolutionising the way smelters use energy to produce aluminium.

CarbonScape’s technology and process produces graphite from renewable feedstocks at high efficiency levels.

Geo40 develops unique, innovative technologies for the sustainable recovery of strategic minerals from subterranean fluids.

Mint Innovation is a cleantech company focused on the low carbon recovery of precious metals from electronic waste.

Cetogenix is a New Zealand-based clean technology company developing sustainable solutions to tackle climate change at a global scale.

Cirrus Materials Science is an advanced materials engineering spin-out of Auckland UniServices that designs next-gen surface technologies.

The Azura™ Ocean Wave Technology converts the endless supply of ocean waves into electricity and potable water to meet the rapidly growing global demand for renewable utilities.

CarbonClick was founded to make complex, expensive and time-consuming carbon offsetting processes simple, cost-effective and transparent.

Futurity Bio-Ventures is a New Zealand biotech start-up looking to establish New Zealand’s first advanced biorefinery, using our abundant forestry assets.